Merge Request #23

Created by zhsj

Fix sse runtime detection

As said in #16, current sse runtime detection actually doesn't work, you may get Illegal instruction on SSE2 only machine when compiled with SSE3/4 support.

So this Merge Request separates all SSE functions to its own file and compile them with corresponding flags.

The whole diff looks large, but actually I didn't change any code logic, I just cut/paste.

The first commit adds a flag --enable-qemu, so you can test the SSE much easily by qemu-user(install qemu-user-static on Debian/Ubuntu). you can only apply this commit to see the Illegal instruction errors produced by qemu.

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  • B8f4659d098889f054b4e334296e173e?s=40&d=identicon
    zhsj @zhsj

    Added 3 new commits:

    • 809e0904 - add qemu test for x86_64
    • 6f802f42 - add all .dirstamp to gitignore
    • 54d6029b - separate sse function to multipile file
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