This is GF-Complete, Revision 1.02.   January 1, 2014.

Authors: James S. Plank (University of Tennessee)
         Ethan L. Miller (UC Santa Cruz)
         Kevin M. Greenan (Box)
         Benjamin A. Arnold (University of Tennessee)
         John A. Burnum (University of Tennessee)
         Adam W. Disney (University of Tennessee,
         Allen C. McBride (University of Tennessee)

The programmer's manual and tutorial is provided in two places:

1.) A copy is hosted on BitBucket at
2.) A copy is also available at

The online home for GF-Complete is:


If you want to cite GF-Complete in a paper, I suggest citing the 
technical report version.  The precise citation information for that
is in

To compile, do:

   sudo make install

To run the tests, do:

   make check