02 Apr, 2014

1 commit

  • * Update the README accordingly
    * Add the VALGRIND variable to run thru valgrind where possible
    * Add the make check files administrative files to .gitignore
    Signed-off-by: Loic Dachary <loic@dachary.org>
    Loic Dachary

28 Mar, 2014

2 commits

  • Signed-off-by: Loic Dachary <loic@dachary.org>
    Loic Dachary
  • and reviewed by Kevin Greenan.
    Updated README
    Allow out-of-source builds. Quiet autogen.sh warnings.
    Use AM_CPPFLAGS instead of INCLUDES. Use $(top_srcdir).
    Add .gitignore to quiet git status.
    Add project URL to AC_INIT.
    Stop libtool from compiling files twice.
    Have git ignore .deps/.
    Don't override user CPPFLAGS.
    (PIC options appear to be set already. INCLUDES already included.)
    Clean configure.ac.
    Make it closer to autoscan output.
    Have autotools create INSTALL.
    Use AC_MSG_FAILURE if GF-Complete not found.
    Run autogen.sh.
    (autoconf 2.69, automake 1.14.1, libtool 2.4.2)
    Add some .gitignore files.
    Fix configure cpuid unknown issue.
    Move AX_EXT before AC_CHECK_LIB(gf_complete...) so that
    -lgf_complete doesn't cause CPUID conftest compile to fail.
    Don't check for internal gf_int.h header.
    GF-Complete doesn't install it.
    Quiet some autoreconf warnings.
    INCLUDES is now AM_CPPFLAGS. Use single-argument AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.
    Remove some AC_REQUIRE whose conftest always failed.
    Quiet configure warning.
    (ARCH_64 doesn't appear to be used.)
    CPUID "unknown" fix from upstream autoconf-archive.
    Allow out-of-source builds. Use dependency tracking.
    Remove config.h.in~.
    Update ax_check_compile_flag.m4 from autoconf-archive.
    Add .gitattributes.
    Remove autoreconf-generated files.
    See Automake 1.13 release notes.
    Add files for 'make dist'.
    Quiet some warnings.
    getcwd() in <unistd.h>. Remove some vars.
    Make headers compatible with C++.
    Quiet some warnings.
    Install additional headers in include/jerasure/.
    Quiet some configure check internal failures.
    Use new AX_REQUIRE_DEFINED instead of AC_REQUIRE, which expands
    the macro and causes internal compile failure.
    Fix file permissions.
    Remove INTEL_SSE compiler defines.
    (Can use HAVE_xxx or __xxx__ instead.)
    Set default CFLAGS to '-g -O3 -Wall'.
    Add more checks from autoscan.
    Use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR([build-aux]).
    Use processor time for timing.
    Use clock() instead of gettimeofday().
    Use common LDADD in Makefile.am.
    Remove pre-autotools makefiles.
    Ignore *.a. (Missed earlier.)
    Quiet more warnings.
    Document need for autoreconf -fi.
    Removed README.nd and README.txt so changes don't need to be duplicated.
    Remove autogen.sh.
    Just use "autoreconf --force --install".
    David Glessner