This is revision 2.0 of Jerasure.  This is pretty much Jerasure 1.2 without the
original Galois Field backend.  Version 2.0 links directly to GF-Complete, which
is more flexible than the original, and *much* faster, because it leverages SIMD
Authors: James S. Plank (University of Tennessee)
         Kevin M. Greenan (Box)


The online home for jerasure is:



External Documentation:

See the file Manual.pdf for the programmer's manual and tutorial.

See for GF-Complete.

There are two directories of source code:

The src directory contains the jerasure code.
The Examples directory contains the example programs.


If you do not have Autoconf 2.65 or later installed, you can simply build
from the tarball distribution:

Installing if you are allowed to install GF-Complete on your machine:
(You can skip the autoreconf step if you're using a tarball distribution.)

1.) git clone
3.) ./configure
4.) make -j4 check
5.) sudo make install

This will install the library into your machine's lib directory,
the headers into include, and the example programs into bin.

The configuration process assumes shared objects are searched for in
/usr/local/lib. If this is not the case on your system, you can specify a
search path at configuration time. For example:
  ./configure LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib

The examples will be in the directory Examples.  The include files will
be in the directory include, and the library will be called libJerasure.a
in the directory src/.libs.


If you would like to explore a using a different Galois Field implementation,
please see the manual at gf-complete/Manual.pdf.


To run some tests with valgrind

  make VALGRIND='valgrind --tool=memcheck --quiet' \